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Jeffrey Posner has worked in real estate and information technology for over a decade. His practice combines this knowledge to give clients an all inclusive approach for their needs.

I know real estate data.

Jeffrey Posner

Prior to selling real estate, I sold real estate information and created one of the most popular investment data services in New Jersey. Ended up flipping some houses, then went and taught yoga for a while. Now I’m back and using all that real estate knowledge along with the integrity of “practice” to represent you. My primary job as a real estate agent is to accurately get you all the data, so you can make the best decision possible.

2010 Channel 9 News Feature

“Not only am I an agent, I’m also an investor.”

Why register?

​I’m here to help you find the ​property of your dreams – with tools​ and privacy​ that you can’t find on other websites:

  • Social Search – Invite your friends, partners, and family to search together​ privately​.
  • Search Subscriptions – Subscribe to a search and get new listings delivered to your email inbox on your own schedule.
  • Search Dashboard – Follow your own activity as well as the others you invite to your search on our activity timeline.
  • Fresh Results – we check the MLS for active new and updated listings as often as we can to ensure you’re getting the most accurate market information.​ (typically every 15 minutes)​

​I keep​ contact and budget information confidential, unlike Zillow​ and other 3rd party websites. As a real estate agent, my fiduciary responsibility legally requires me to act on your behalf, not mine or anyone else’s.

Are all real estate agents the same?

No we are not the same. Marketing savvy, creativity, communication skills and experience all play an important role in your success.

What makes me different?

I love marketing, real estate and working with people. Technology is my strong point and New Jersey is my home. I take every opportunity to share what I have learned in helping others achieve their goals.

plus I grew up here..

Fair Lawn Recreational Sports
Fair Lawn High School
Montclair State University

Choosing the right agent is important

Life is short, and working with someone you like is critical. Weather buying or selling, I look forward to having a friendly discussion so I can help you make the right decision.

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