Can You be Strong and Flexible at the Same Time?

Strength or Flexibility Most of us were taught that being strong or flexible was a choice that had to be made, like you could not have both. Leading many to believe that these two aspects are measured against each other. We now know that this is incorrect. An individual can simultaneously develop these qualities along … Read more

What is Happening in a Stretch and How Should it Feel?

Welcome back to our series on how to start a quality mobility practice. Read the previous article about articulations (step 1). In this article we talk about stretching and how to safely create and manage the feelings associated with it. What is a stretch? The term “stretch” or “stretching” is commonly used in the yoga … Read more

How to Articulate the Joints and Move with Confidence

So you want to start a quality mobility practice? This article series gives you the bare essentials needed to get started. In this article we talk about joint articulations. What are they? How can we learn the many articulations the body possess, and how this pertains to movement patterns. What exactly is Joint Articulation? Let’s … Read more

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