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About Ridgewood

Ridgewood is another great bedroom community of New York City. The area offers a unique blend of the city and suburb that seamlessly blend into that urban suburban way of life. Located in Bergen County approximately 20 miles northwest of Midtown Manhattan.

Built around the train station and town square, Ridgewood has all the luxuries of a suburban oasis. The trip to the city is an easy 50-minute train ride that places you in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Transportation in New York City and throughout the region is also easily accessible back into the village.

The Village of Ridgewood entices people with its unique variety of homes and a commercial district with posh shops and restaurants. Downtown Ridgewood has around 100 restaurants with a vast number of shops on the streets surrounding the Van Neste Square Memorial Park, which sits at the center of town.

Ridgewood has six residential districts, three on the east side of the train tracks (within walking distance of the high school and downtown), and three on the west side. The Heights, a section in the Ridge District, has streets that afford views of the New York City skyline, and are among the village’s most expensive homes. The town has a unique mixture of modern, luxury homes with a variety of older Victorian and colonial houses.

The village has a variety of park and recreational facilities:

Graydon Park and Pool

Made up of a 2.68-acre pool (created in the 1920s, by damming part of Ho-Ho-Kus Brook and fed by spring water), baseball field, soccer field, and outdoor roller rink. Graydon park and pool is a popular gathering spot at the center of the village that offers swimming programs, tennis and pickleball courts, and playgrounds, with seasonal memberships.

Van Neste Square Memorial Park

On the Oak Street corner, a place where concerts, holiday tree lightings and other events take place. The four-sided Ridgewood clock also sits in this downtown area.

Veterans Field

Located adjacent to the library and police station, which includes four baseball and softball fields, as well as a band shell offering free concerts.

Citizens Park

This park includes two baseball fields and a soccer field, as well as a suitable hill for winter sleigh riding.

Ridgewood Wild Duck Pond

Part of the Bergen County Parks system, the duck pond includes a circular path around it with a picnic pavilion and additional picnic areas, children’s playground, fenced-in dog park, and entrance to a 6-mile, multi-use bike and pedestrian pathway. It is part of the 577-acre Saddle River County Park.

  • Ridgewood was ranked 26th in Money magazine’s “Best Places to Live” in 2011.

Other Facts

After opening the train station in 1853, the business district in Ridgewood was created. Shortly thereafter in 1894 the “Village of Ridgewood” was created, identical to the boundaries of Ridgewood Township. Ridgewood Village acquired area from Franklin Township in 1925 and in 1971, an area from Washington Township. Finally in 1974, the village acquired an area from Ho-Ho-Kus.

Much of the housing was built after the train lines from New York expanded west and Ridgewood became a summer getaway for city residents. The town communities include: the Downtown, The Old Country Club, The Heights, Salem Ridge, Floral Park, Brookside and The Lawns.

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