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About Tenafly

Tenafly is a borough located in Bergen County New Jersey. It is a bedroom suburb of Manhattan in New York City. Settled by European Dutch immigrants, who began to populate the area during the late 17th century, the name “Tenafly” originated from the early-modern Dutch phrase “Tiene Vly” or “Ten Swamps”. In 1776, Tenafly was basically forests, with only four homes, a militia headquarters, and a schoolhouse. Today, Tenafly takes up 5.2 square miles. It is a residential community with about five thousand housing units. The overall development of this area was mainly determined by its hills, valleys, and tall trees, which gives the area a unique feel.

The mid-1860’s set the scene for the arrival in Tenafly of New York architect Daniel Topping Atwood, who purchased land from Peter Huyler with the intention of designing and building homes near the Northern Railroad. Atwood is best known for the Borough’s architectural icon, the Railroad Station between 1872 and 1874. Tenafly was incorporated as a borough in 1894 from portions of the former Palisades Township.

Quality housing, recreational facilities, parks and woodlands, modern cultural programs, and a quality library all help to attract and keep residents in this historic place.

Tenafly Resources

Tenafly Public Library

The Library is in the Tenafly Municipal Complex along with the Borough Hall, The Fire Department, and the Police Department.

Tenafly Nature Center

Tenafly Nature Center is a non-profit, member-supported nature preserve located in Bergen County. Since 1961, TNC has nurtured an appreciation for nature, been a leader in open-space preservation and environmental education for our community and beyond.

Tenafly Senior Center

The Tenafly Senior Center serves members from Tenafly and all of Bergen County. The Tenafly Senior Center is a modern place where you can get fit and/or socialize Monday through Friday.

Tenafly Youth Center

No membership card needed to utilize the Tenafly Youth Center.  However only members can use Youth Center equipment as well as use the Mary Mandel Room (computer room).

Parks, Playgrounds & Open Space

Tenafly provides community recreation opportunities through an array of child and adult programs, as well as summer camps. The area also has 424 acres of various municipal parks, open space lands that residents can enjoy.

Tenafly Skate Park

The skate park is located at the Roosevelt Common across from the Municipal Center. Through a partial grant from the Bergen County Open Space Trust, the borough was able to purchase and install skate park obstacles and equipment at two of the old tennis courts at the Roosevelt Common. Designed for skateboarding and inline skating only, the skate park is a skate at your own risk facility.

Tenakill Swim Club

The Swim Club is a non-profit organization and is proud to have served as a key summer venue for more than fifty years.

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